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Founded For Families, By Families

Bluebird was started as a labor of love by two families who wanted to send their three children to a Montessori Children’s House in Silverton and a teacher, mother of five, who some describe as a “child whisperer.”


At Bluebird, space is created for genuine community exchange. Appropriate boundaries are set to create safe relationships between individuals.


Bluebird is committed to staffing teachers who have a wide-array of experiences with different children.  Striving to understand what makes each child “tick” is important to adapting the environment at Bluebird, helping to make a family-like atmosphere.

Culture & Nature

Teri, co-founder and lead teacher, “minored” in natural resources at Humboldt State University. Her knowledge of natural science and love of culture guide the themes of study at Bluebird. In our kindergarten program, children are encouraged to become observers and to keep nature journals.


Our school house is located near the intersection of S. Water and Jersey on the fringe of downtown Silverton. Conveniently located within walking distance of the library, two city parks, three art galleries, and an ice cream shop!


A large part of the strength of our community is the commitment families make to keep their children at Bluebird through their kindergarten year. During their three years at Bluebird, they experience a rich, real-life lesson in community, where peer learning thrives and leadership is born.


Because we are an independent school, the founders are able to keep the vision of an authentic Montessori Children’s House close to their hearts and verdantly on their minds.


We believe that to see the outcomes that the Montessori method is famous for, we must authentically follow Dr. Montessori’s direction.  All of our staff have received training at Montessori Institute Northwest, Portland’s well-respected teacher training organization. We continue our relationship with MINW by attending continuing education workshops and engaging consultants to mentor our teaching staff.